When God asks you to run

by Emma Slomp

When God asks you to run, you better be ready.

At the beginning of 2021 Justin and I made the simple resolution to chase after God. After the crazy past couple of years we have had, I quite naively thought , “this year will be calm. Nothing major will happen- God will give us a year of chill, down time. He must!”

Sometimes it can be kind of scary to pray. I mean, just think about it. God is big. He’s real. He’s powerful. He listens to you and I. I know Gods plans can be different than ours sometimes-always for the better, because His plans are to prosper, not to harm.

But still, I like to be comfortable. I like predictable. I like to plan. I want what I want when I want it - end of story. Have you ever thought “ sure I’ll listen to you God, but only if it lines up with what I want.” I have. Change is uncomfortable and often quite painful.

It takes courage and a leap of faith to whisper the words “thy will be done,” and ACTUALLY mean it. God hears you when you say it, and in order for Him to work in your life you must be willing to obey and trust that whatever His will is; it’s for the best.

There is really no “right” time to say this so I’ll just come out and say it: Justin and I are moving. We are taking a massive leap of faith in our marriage and in our lives and moving back to the little town I grew up in - Provost.

There has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that has come up for our family and we are going to move there and try it out.

We don’t know what the future will hold for us but we do know that this is the right move for us right now. Two weeks ago I would have NEVER saw this coming nor would I have believed you if you said that we’d be moving from our beautiful home, best friends and all of our family... but again, we both felt the call that we just can’t ignore.

All I can say is friends, when you say you’re going to chase after God - be prepared for change. Possibly the most uncomfortable change. God doesn’t work at your pace, He works at His, you just have to be willing to run.

Also, NEVER say never- like I did when I said I would NEVER move back to my hometown you just really don’t know what the future holds.