The King Lives

In 1977 the world was shocked to hear that “The King” was dead, his body buried in Forest Hills Cemetery just outside Memphis. Then, just two weeks after his death, an informant told police that he had infiltrated a group who were planning on stealing Elvis’s 900 pound steel, copper lined, coffin and hold his body for ransom.

As a result, the Presley estate requested permission to move the bodies of Elvis and his mother to Graceland where they could be guarded 24-hours a day. Now, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 600,000 people visit the grave of Elvis annually!

Of course, guarding a grave is not a new thing. One of the most interesting stories connected with the death and resurrection of Jesus is the request by the Jewish leaders that a guard be posted at His tomb. This, because they had remembered what Jesus said about being killed and then rising again after three days.

I find it fascinating that the religious leaders remembered what Jesus said and the implications. And what about His disciples? Jesus’ resurrection took them by complete surprise. Either they did not remember, weren’t really listening, or did not believe what Jesus told them.

None of us can really be in a position to judge, however. Would we have done any better had we been there? For me personally, I usually identify with Peter more closely than any of the other disciples... wanting so badly to be close to Jesus but denying Him when it really counts!

Early on Sunday morning an angel moved the stone away from the door of the tomb so that the world would see that Jesus had risen from the dead. The bible says that the guards shook for fear and became as “dead men”. Funny isn’t it! He who was suppose to be dead was alive and those who were suppose to be alive were as the dead!

In the end, the guards were paid to say that the disciples had stolen the body of Jesus in the night. The truth, however, could not and cannot be hidden. Jesus is alive!

May you experience the immense joy that comes with knowing that “The KING of kings” is not dead. He is risen!