Don't Ignore The Signs

A couple of months ago I was asked to stop at a business in Provost and check to see if they had a truck part. Now, Provost isn’t a very large town. However, after receiving directions two or three times I just couldn’t seem to find it. Finally, after knocking on several doors, I arrived at the right place.

Why, in a small town, did I have so much trouble finding this business? Part of problem is the small town mentality, the idea that everyone knows anyway. I think the bigger problem was the fact that there was no sign identifying the business location. There was no sign above the door. There was no sign on the door, not even a tiny one!

Last Saturday New Hope Gospel Church, after 4 years without, were happy to see a sign go up on their building. There has always been a large cross on the north side, which is a big hint identifying the facility as a Christian church. Now, with a large sign, everyone can see from a distance which church meets in that building.

The Bible talks about signs. In fact, when Jesus attended a wedding reception, he was told that they had run out of wine. Jesus’ mother suggested the servants do whatever Jesus told them. He asked them to fill 6 large water pots with water. They did. When they presented a cup to the master of the feast it was discovered to be the very best wine. The water had been turned to wine. The bible says that this was the “beginning of signs Jesus did”!

If you look at a dictionary definition as to what a sign is you’ll read this: any object, action, event, pattern, etc., that conveys a meaning ( Let’s go back to the Bible verse. “This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory; and His disciples believed in Him” (John 2:11). The result of this first sign was that these followers believed in him. The sign informed their actions.

What did this first sign say about Jesus? It conveyed the meaning that Jesus was who he said he was, the Son of God. There were many signs that followed this first one. For example, the scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign so that they could believe in him (they didn’t really want to believe). Jesus told them that only one sign would be given to them. “For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth” (Matt. 12:40).

When Jesus was raised from the dead that sign was confirmed. Again and again, the signs that Jesus did proved that he was who he said he was. Remember, this was the sign that the scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus for so that they could believe. Did they believe? Did it inform their actions? No! Instead they tried to hide the sign. The Bible even says that they paid someone to lie about the sign.

It’s never a good thing to ignore a sign. I’ve seen pictures of what happens when highway signs are ignored or unseen. Many times someone is hurt or killed. The signs concerning Jesus point to one reality and that reality should ultimately inform our actions. My advice, “Don’t ignore the signs!”