Where Do I Go From Here?

Almost 16 years ago a couple of local kids (ages eleven and nine) were tubing down a river near Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia. As they attempted to go through some rapids they fell into the water and headed for the river bank. Along that river bank is where they discovered dinosaur footprints in the bedrock. One small area had almost 200 imprints!

We heard the news about this discovery a couple of years later and because it was within hours of our home it made perfect sense for my family and I to check it out for ourselves. Besides, who wouldn’t be drawn to dinosaurs, exploring and adventure?

Now, I’m going to say right off the bat that the discovery was so new that the trails weren’t clearly marked yet! You can guess what happened ... we got lost! Although lost, we were smart enough to know that if you head downhill you will eventually get to the river... and we did! Again, I don’t know why we decided to cross the river. We just did (probably the older male, responsible adult – me – was too stubborn to ask for directions).

We found ourselves cutting new trail in jungle-like conditions, climbing over dead trees and through thick forest growth. According to a map of the area the dinosaur prints were supposed to be upriver so we persevered in that direction. Oh, we had our doubts, questioning as to whether or not we had somehow missed it. We became a little discouraged. Even our patience with each another was tested.

It was then that something extraordinary happened. We came to a flat area of rock underneath a cliff. That’s when we saw them. The tracks that no one else would see because they were unmarked and on the other side of the river where there was no access. I don’t know what kind of dinosaur tracks they were, but judging by the distance apart and size (12 to 15 inches across), my guess would be that it must have been at least twice the size of a large elephant. Amazing!

We did eventually cross the river again where we were able to see the main site with almost two hundred prints in one place. It was an unforgettable day.

Life can be that way. We have a plan but it seems that the way isn’t marked out very well. It’s easy to find ourselves in unfamiliar territory! It could be a broken relationship, a sudden illness, or a financial crisis. In stressful times the question on your mind might be “where do I go from here?”

Solomon has some good advice in the book of Proverbs. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take” (Prov. 3:5,6). That doesn’t mean that there won’t be difficulties and challenges along the way. It does mean, however, that you’ll never be alone!

May this prayer be your prayer in 2016: “Guide my steps as I journey Lord. Come and embrace me. Hold me secure. Hold me strong. Hold me forever in Your everlasting arms. Amen.”